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I very rarely buy new things. Not that it’s for lack of want, more for lack of funds. I’m currently in a bit of a lull with not having a job at the moment so shopping has been put on hold for a while. While being broke can sometimes bring me down it’s also giving me a chance to appreciate what I have already. They might not be the most luxurious of things but they’re mine.

This camera has been in my family since before the the Soviet Union disbanded (It says ‘Made in USSR’ on the bottom). It’s been in my possession for at least the last 5 years. It’s a classic Zenit 11 35mm film camera and the light meter might be a bit rusty but it still takes beautiful pictures. I took it with me on a family road trip around California and I made my way through three rolls of film. The original lens was missing by the time I acquired the camera so all I had was a tele-focal for a while. I managed to find the one on it now on e-bay for about £40, way cheaper than a DSLR! 
The moleskine sketchbook I have slowly been filling, I’m trying to turn it into a more design-sketchbook rather than just a couple illustrations. I also have a watercolour one that I use for ink drawings and some paintings but that is getting filled even slower! I have made a promise to myself not to buy any more until those two are filled so the goal is to have them filled by the end of the year.
The record is Freetown Sound by Blood Orange, it was one of my favourite albums from last year so I was given on vinyl for christmas. They used to play Blood Orange tracks through the sound system at my old job and it’s perfect dancing around your room in your underwear kind of music. I highly recommend this album, I just love it.

The notebook is a slightly newer purchase as well as the shoes. I recently fell into a bullet journal hole on youtube and seeing as all my other attempts to get organised have failed I thought there would be no harm in trying. I got the highly popular leuchtturm1917 and customised it with some glitter tape I bought from kikki.K when I was in London last march. It’s the longest I’ve ever stuck to a planner which to me is just miraculous! I’ve got lists of everything from projects I’m doing to films I want to watch. I got the mules from the Next boxing day sale for £20, they’re just as well made and high quality as shoes worth ten times that much. They’re pretty comfy and I just love mules because the worst part about breaking shoes in for me is the back, so no back makes much less painful.
The YSL foundation and concealer are a little bit pricy! I went on a bit of a spending spree around my birthday, because hey, it was my 21st! I admit I didn’t pay full price for them, feelunique does discounts on make up regularly and YSL is usually exempt from most of them. I think I managed to get them for 20% off at the time which brought it down to my usual foundation price. 
I’ve included the NEOM candle, which was another christmas gift. I’ve only burned it a couple of times but who doesn’t love a good candle? It’s the feel refreshed scent with sicilian lemon & fresh basil (fancy) which is supposed to boost your energy.

I’m still reading ‘The queer art of failure’ but I still could not recommend it enough. For anyone who is interested in reading about queer or feminist theory I would suggest that this is a good one to start with. The first chapter eases you in by explaining things through the pixar universe (something that we are all familiar with). It also contains the most in depth and interesting analysis of ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ so who wouldn’t want to read about that? 
Another birthday splurge here is the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. I’ve been watching her videos religiously for years, and I’ve got a list the length of me of her products I’ve been dying to try. I have to admit, when buying it the sales assistants were so busy telling me the benefits of it (I know what they are, I watch her videos!) that it wasn’t until I paid that I realised about the £70 price tag. I do love it, but I don’t think I could justify that purchase again. 
On the other hand, I would absolutely buy another Jo Malone fragrance. I never used to be a perfume kind of gal, I would only ever get a bottle of the newest Marc Jacobs on the rare occasion a parent was going through duty free. Theres something about the wearability and the lightness of these fragrances. When I was working, the store assistants from there would bring in sample sizes of the newly released ones and I think thats when I fell in love. I got Wood Sage & Sea Salt for my birthday and have worn it every day since.
Last but definetly not least is my Jigsaw cashmere. I got this while I was working for the brand so I'm pretty sure I didn't have to pay for it which just makes it all the more sweeter. It's the first item that I'll wear after doing a fresh load of washing and it goes with practically anything. It's well over a year old now and usually jumpers I have start pilling and lose their shape but this has stayed fresh. I would get several others in a heartbeat but it's just not as easy when theres no staff discount.


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