All grey all day: What I wore


I really don't spend much time putting outfits together. I have a wardrobe full of trusty old favourites and things I've not worn in forever, and I still barely wear the same combination twice. I just throw bits together and hope for the best. I'm lucky in the sense that I managed to pick up some fancy freebies from my stint of retail work, but I don't really own anything that is brand spanking new. I really take a laid back approach when it comes to clothing myself because I know if I feel comfortable and act confident I will pull it off anyway, but I guess you could say I'm just lazy. 

I'm wearing my usual favourites here, you know the ones that are the first to be worn after doing the laundry. Unfortunately only the trainers are still available:

 Top | American Apparel (RIP)
Knitted Culottes | from Zara sale
 Jacket | Charity Shop
Trainers | Jigsaw


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